When quality comes from experience


Our history was officially born in 1988.
Nord Salse was founded with the person of Mr. Francesco Monte, father of the current CEO, Mr. Davide Monte.

The Monte family matures its experience in the world of the food industry in the historic pasta factory that was owned by the family itself, a company that they left in 1988 to create and dedicate themselves to their business of pesto, tomato sauces and spreadable creams.
In 1992 the staff and the company, grown and developed, moved their headquarters in the current plant in Piasco, in the province of Cuneo, a few kilometers from Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, a geographical area that recently became part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
The period from 1995 to 2008 can be defined as the real years of growth and consolidation of the family business. Nord Salse products, created with highly selected raw materials and production processes that respect the quality of the true Italian tradition, enter all major Italian supermarket chains.
In 2009 the first international experiences began, but it was with the creation of a real export office that the development of foreign markets began. Nord Salse is now a solid company focused on the production of condiments for pasta dishes.
Currently, exports account for 50 percent of global sales. An achievement that is an indicator of the efficiency the company can guarantee to its customers.
In 2020, the expansion of the production plant begins, an action that will allow the company to establish itself as an Italian excellence in the production of condiments for pasta dishes, in Italy and worldwide.


Our goal is to contribute to exporting the MADE IN ITALY brand by strengthening our position on a global level, constantly maintaining high quality standards. 

Inspired by the culinary tradition of our country, we aspire to offer a healthy and tasty product... as homemade.


Inspired by the culinary tradition of our country, we aspire to offer a healthy and tasty product... as homemade.

  • Give priority to the end customer by guaranteeing high quality and safety
  • Spread our tradition worldwide through our current presence in different areas we already serve and our extensive entry into new markets
  • Progressively improve in terms of optimization of production processes and environmental impact
  • To be consistent with those ideals that have accompanied and will accompany the company since its birth: "QUALITY BY TRADITION".


Over the years, the passion for national specialties has always been accompanied by the research for high quality. This combination of elements has allowed the creation of a wide range of products, ready to satisfy the most demanding customers.
Each department of the company is supported by a consolidated and precise structure, both in terms of production organization, logistics and customer service. All these factors allow us to define the company as something more than a traditional artisan company, thanks also to the production capacity that the company is able to develop. The company is widely rooted at national level with a widespread diffusion of fresh products under the brand name "Freschi di Natura" throughout the biggest Italians supermarket chains. Fresh products are the company's real core business and the "Freschi di Natura" brand includes all the top-of-the-range recipes.
With regard to foreign development, Nord Salse is present in major international markets such as France, Finland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Benelux, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Lebanon, USA, Canada, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Hong Kong.


The company owns the two most important certifications in the food world: IFS and Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC ), getting in audits the highest scores.
Nord Salse also produces organic products certificated since 2011 from the control unit ICEA Piemonte( code Odc ITBIO006I1648).
The company is also regularly registered with the FDA.

The quality office and the commercial office can manage the bureaucracy needed for the opening on new markets, in order to meet the needs of customers and different countries.

These are the main reasons of our success: professionality, quality, accuracy, punctuality, constant maintenance of qualitative standards and... passion.

Choosing Nord Salse's products means believing in an entrepreneurial idea, means choosing in a company that put all itself into its work, means choose the quality that comes from experience.