Three brands for storable products
at ambient temperature available
in the retail and Ho.Re.Ca sizes
three product lines prepared to meet
the most demanding clients.

Pesto, sauces and spreadable creams.

The range “Monti” is the key strength of the company. A brand that includes pesto, sauces and spreadable creams. Recipes that can be kept at ambient temperature, with a shelf life of 24 months, with a great relation “value for money” that result especially suitable for the foreign market, even the most long-range.

A selection of high-quality recipes.

Tomato sauces created only with 100% Italian tomato pulp, extra virgin olive oil and then declined in many delicious flavors.

A selection of high-quality recipes.

Rrealized by the firm’s founder, Mr. Francesco Monte. Pesto prepared with extra virgin olive oil and Genoese PDO basil, available in different tastes and sizes.