Our story

Our story is born officially in 1988.Telling about us means telling about a piece of a familiar story, of a precise italian historical moment in which firms arose and, thanks to initiative and foresight, were growing with sacrifices, but always maintaining humility.

Nord Salse is born thanks to the work of Mr. Francesco Monte, person of excellent intellect and accentuate wisdom. He is a man that had improved his knowledge thanks to objective experiences , acquired facing the daily life and having had an elevated entrepreneurial skill.
His experience in the food industry world was born in the pasta factory that still bears his name, place that he will leave in 1988 to devote himself to the creation of his family firm. And so, in a small lab situated in Verzuolo, a small town in Cuneo province, Francesco started to test, with his daughter Maria Cristina, the first recipes of pesto and sauces. Soon also his son, Davide, will decide to join the team and everything start to take the rightful turn. These were years in which in Italy the entrepreneurship and the commitment reward people that work hard.
And so, in 1992 the staff and the firm, arose and improved, moved the headquarter in the plantof Piasco, in Cuneo province, near to the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, a geographical area recently became part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The period from dal 1995 al 2008 can be defined the real years of growth and of the consolidation of the family firm. Nord Salse products, made with care, with highly selected raw materials, production trials in compliance with the quality of the real Italian tradition and cared in each phase, started to be sold in all the bigger Italian supermarket chains.
In 2008 the Monte family will face what has perhaps been the most difficult moment for the Italian and international economy.The world crisis registered in all global markets affected also the Nord Salse that will survive thanks to the strength acquired in years of hard work.
In 2009 the firm will experience the first international trades but it is with the creation of a real export office that the company started to develop in foreign markets. Nord Salse is today a strength group, highly consolidated at local level and strongly improving in the international level, leader in the production of pesto and sauces.

Who we are and what we do

During years, the passion for national specialties, combined with the research for high quality and technological innovation, had allowed the creation of a rich range of products, prepared to satisfy also the most demanding clients.

Each department is supported by a consolidated and precise structure, whether in production organization, logistics and customer care. The combination of all these factors allow us to self-define the firm something more than a traditional handicraft firm, thanks to the significant productive capacity that the company is able to develop. Nord Salse products are today sold in the greater Italian supermarkets.

Regarding the foreign trade, Nord Salse is present in the major international markets, as France, Finland, Greece, Spain, Portugal,Switzerland, Benelux, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Seychelles, Lebanon, Egypt, USA, Brazil, United Arabian Emirates, Kuwait and Hong Kong.


The company owns the two most important certifications in the food world: IFS e Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC ), getting in audits the highest scores.
Nord Salse also produces organic products certificated since 2011 from the control unit ICEA Piemonte( code Odc ITBIO006I1648).
L’azienda è altresì regolarmente registrata presso l’FDA (Food and Drug Administration, l’ente governativo statunitense che si occupa della regolamentazione dei prodotti alimentari e farmaceutici).

The quality office and the commercial office can manage the bureaucracy needed for the opening on new markets, in order to meet the needs of customers and different countries.

These are the main reasons of our success: professionality, quality, accuracy, punctuality, constant maintenance of qualitative standards and... passion.

Choosing Nord Salse products means believing in an entrepreneurial idea , means believing in an enterprise that put all itself into its work, means choose the quality that comes from experience.