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The fresh pesto storable at refrigerated temperature is the flag ship of the company.
This product line is completed by some ready-to-use sauces, ideal for first courses and appetizers.


Chilled products storable at refrigerated temperature represent the “top-quality-line”. Under the brand “Freschi di Natura” we find two different recipes of pesto, tomatoes pulp-based sauces, creamy-based sauces and some regional ones. All recipes are ready-to-use, ideal to dress first courses or tasty and creative appetizers.


In the sizes suitable to the Ho.Re.Ca. world we realize two different recipes of pesto, packaged in PET and PP buckets. Plastic is more and more required in catering world, thus because it guarantee an optimal conservation of the product without alter the taste, it is more hygienic in kitchens (they broke up more difficultly) and also shipping costs are reduced. Keys strength for high-quality recipes ready-to-use ideal to dress up first courses in a real Italian Style.